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Here’s a little information on the American Pit Bull terrier and bully breeds, proving not all bully’s are bad.


Bully’s as hero’s :

Several bully breed dogs have served their owners — and their countries — in times of need. For example, in addition to appearing on war propaganda posters, military-trained American pit bull terriers delivered tactical messages to soldiers on the field during World War I and World War II.

Bullies such as Thor, a pit bull living near South Bend, Ind., have pulled off some more recent heroic acts. In July 2010, Thor barked and even snapped  to alert his sleeping owners to a fire that had broken out in their mobile home during the middle of the night. Though the fire consumed most of their material things, Thor’s actions saved both his owners, as well as their 3-month-old baby girl, whose bassinet he pulled to the front door to facilitate her escape.

Thor, the Pit-bulled hailed a hero

If you would like to read more on Thor and his amazing act of heroism for his family here is the web site.

Want more bully hero’s? How about 74 of them!

Why would anyone choose a pit bull? Well here’s why!

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